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A group of acids called alphahydroxy acids (AHA’S) & (BHA’S) which are natural moisturizing agents are used.

Benefits: Peels easily penetrate the skin making them excellent for deep cleansing. They improve the skin’s performance by decreasing the build up of dead skin cells, thereby allowing fresher skin to surface. They also stimulate collagen production. With consistent use, pigmentation, acne, acne marks and scars are evened out.

Recommended For: Pigmentation, oily, dull and acne prone skin. Also for acne scars, pits and marks.

Visible Results: In 4 sessions for normal skin. 8-10 sessions for skin with acne, acne scars & pigmentation.

Frequency: First 4 sessions to be undertaken with a gap of 10-15 days between each session. We recommend one session per month to maintain the results achieved.

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